I spotted this diet app this weekend, when I was looking for some nice apps in the android store for my dad’s HTC desire. I have a blackberry, so there aren’t many apps I can use *sadface*. This app is available for android phones, Iphones and soon for Ovi phones.


What is it?
This is an diet app for your smartphone.  You have to answer a couple of questions and after that you can choose a diet.
Every week there are new food schedules, and you can make an online shoppinglist. And last but not least, the program gives you many tips and tricks for weightloss, which can motivate you.
Why is it cool?
I definitely think this free, English, diet-app is a great invention.
In these days, many people are too fat and have too much weight. Many people are working on that with a diet. But in these days people are always busy, so somethimes it’s difficult to think about dieting. Meantime, many people have smartphones, which they use all day.
Using this app can help you to keep you motivated.
This app is available in the Android market and in the iTunes store.
You can read more about this app on

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