Volvo mobile app

Today just another web 2.0 coolhunt, about the volvo mobile apps.


Volvo has several applications for iphone, ipad and android smartphones.
Each volvo model has its own app. The app allows you to style the car from in and outside.
So you can create your own favourite combinations. You can see a preview of your car here. You can use the app to stay updated of volvo news and upcoming cars. You can also reservate a test drive at a dealer near you by this application.

But.. this was just the beginning. From the new model year 2012, they will introduce a new app with exceptional features.

This app let you find your parked car and close and opens your windows en doors from distance. There were already independent apps to find your parked car, but this new app has a innovating solution for you. You can let the indicators and the horn work for a while to find your parked care. The fun of this app is also that how more features the car has, the more options the app has. For example, if you have a more luxurious version of the car, with climate control, you can use it from distance. So the car is warm or cold when you start driving it.


This app can also be a log with information of each trip of the past 40 days. This information can be downloadedin Excel spreadsheet, which is very useful for businessmen.

Why is it cool?
It offers the ability to remotely control your car, so through Web 2.0 (social web) you can remote your car. I also think it’s cool because I never heard of it’s an extra luxury for the driver. I think these features the attractivity of volvo.


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