Last week we had an guest-college at school, from the Caretakers, Coen and Maaike.
These two people have been ill by themselves, and they noticed they really could use some more help, during their illness and rehabilation. The demand for care is huge, bigger than the group op health professionals. Another problem is the low budget for care in the Netherlands.
What is it?
The caretakers introduced a new platform:
You can ask and offer here your help. This is an example of how Caire works:
”Els is a single mother with breast cancer. She has a problem, tomorrow she has to go to the hospital for her fourth chemotherapy treatment, but she hasn’t any form of transportation.
”Els’ friend told her about . Els decided to register to try to solve the problem.
Now, Els is using the social network to demand for transport.  
”Joop is retired and he wants to do something for the society, occassinally and not on a regular base. 
Joop also decided to apply . Joop loves driving and he indicates that he would like to help people who need transportation.”

”Caire links patients and helpers. And so, Joop and Els linked. Both of them receive an message automatically. They can indicate whether they agree this service. Once that’s done, Joop is ready to take Els to the hospital.”
Why is this cool?
I think this is very unique, because it’s a big network of help askers and givers all over the Netherlands. The patient doesn’t have to worry if the caregiver really wants to help him, otherwise he had not offered his help to Caire. Caregivers can do something for the society, in their own spare time. I think it’s very cool that there is something developed in our society, trough Web 2.0 (social media), where help can be exchanged. So, the social network even has affect on people’s health.
 This is an great initiative by Coen and Maaike, and I wish them all the succes with Caire!

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