KLM social seating

I really love to travel! Earth has so many beautiful places I have to see. I already visited some beautiful countries, such as Aruba, Greece, Portugal and Spain. I want to make some nice citytrips like London, Lisbon, Paris and Berlin, but I feel some connection with long journeys. I would like to see Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maledives, Bora Bora, Curacao, Barbados, ,Tanzania, Mexico and the USA. Only disadventage about this destinations is the time you have to travel, especially if you are travelling all by yourself. Subsequently, KLM found something to solve that problem!


What is it?
KLM has introduces a new concept, social seating. It’s going to be a service to help you find your perfect fellow passenger. Passengers will be able to link their social media accounts, like facebook and twitter. On this base, a  passanger can select his fellow pessenger with similarities.

Why is it cool?
It’s good to see such a large and formal company like KLM starts using social media. This is a big step and I think other airlines will follow soon. Travellers can reassure each other, have a nice talk, and they can also combine their travel plans. As you can see, the influence of web 2.0 (the social network) is getting bigger and bigger!


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