Unox to go

Any normal school day I pass the railway station of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
In the summer, on very warm days I like to buy a Swirl  (ice cream with toppings you like). Nowadays it’s to cold for ice cream, so they invented..

picture made by myself

What is it?
From November till May Swirls is transformed to Unox.  You can get here their famous Unox sandwiches and pea soup. Nice and warm when you’re hungry and have to wait for you train. (which happens to often in the Netherlands) The store itself is small but efficent, and looks very nice.

Why is it cool?
As you can see on the picture (unfortunately, my BlackBerry doens’t take quality pictures..) it looks very nice and cozy. This indicates that little bit more experience. (read: experience economy) The particular thing about it is the contrast of the conviviality of Unox and the boring look along with the people in rush at the railway station. Another delicate thing about this concept is that you can get here a warm an healthy meal, which you can’t get anywhere else on the station. It isn’t the healtiest food on earth, but hey it’s always better than a bag of fries 😉

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