Fitness carpet

What is it?
Panorama Fitness Carpet is an all in one fitness carpet which also functions as living room. It was devised by the students Batia Bertho, Marjorie Brodieu and Salome Lelay of a design academy. With fixed backrests and adjustable floors, you can create forms that help support sit ups, push- ups and several strengthening exercises.

Why is it cool?
Nowadays sports is not the favourite thing for many people. It all takes too much time in these busy times. People work a lot and they have so little time to spend at home, they would rather remain.

Also, experience is an important need. If you have an interior or furniture that you like is oke, but if something has an extra, that would be just fun. Experience economy!

That’s why I think it is very interesting to design a way to combine sports with interior and gives a perception of it.


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