No Impact: Day 1

Well, I’m a bit disappointed about this day.
School hasn’t take a very smart step I think, we received the mail about the No Impact week and the goal for today, yesterday.
It was a sunday, so I hadn’t any change to go to the market, supermarket or nature shop.

Did what I could do today, but it’s not enough anyway.
I’m not gonna save the environment and the planet with this behaviour and I want to make a change in my routines.
I made an appointment with myself, I’m gonna tell you what I eat today and what I can change to make it better.
Gonna do this day again next week, maybe every week. (Have an concept in my head, I’m gonna tell you more about it later, in another blogpost)



Breakfast 09:30
Bowl of skimmed yoghurt with chocolate cruesli (soya or bio yoghurt with homemade muesli)
Glass of water

Lunch  12:30
3 slices of waldkorn bread with skimmed cheese and apple syrup (spelt bread or crackers with hummus and vegetables)
Glass of tea

Snack 15:00
‘Eierkoek’ a sweet bread/cake slice (fruit, any raw food snack recipe)
Bottle of water (use an bobble)

Diner 18:30
Nasi with chicken and vegetables, peanut sauce and kroepoek
Glass of water

What went right?
Haven’t eat to much
Used only one plastic bag (ate my lunch at home before school)

What went wrong? 
Didn’t eat any biological products
Didn’t eat any fruit and too less vegetables
Used meat in my dish

I’m really motivated to eat conscious and healthy, because of Jolijn’s website:
I’m going to write about her later, she is amazing!


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