No Impact Week

Goodmorning this beautiful morning!
The sun is shining, it’s gonna be around 15 degrees and I only have to go to school from 3 till 5.
So, I have time to blog. I’m gonna tell you about the No Impact Week!

Today the No Impact Week has started and everyday I’m going to blog about it.
What is it? NO IMPACT! You have to be careful and with the environment.
So this week you  I have to make less impact on the environment as I can.
Go biking and take the train instead of polluting the air with all thoses dangerous gasses from scooters and cars,
take your bread in a lunchbox instead of wrapping it in aluminum foil or worse: in plastic bags!
Don’t buy anything this week, not even a little candybar,  NO IMPACT AT ALL!
Everyday is in another theme, so today is about Food, and mindful eating.
Gonna keep you updated this evening.

Some pictures to motivate myself a little bit:





Don’t mind the layout please, I am working on it but I’m new with wordpress and I have to figure everything out.


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