No impact: Day 3,4,5

Was a little bit lazy last days, so here is my update about the no impact week!
We had two new goals: a maxiumum of 5 mintutes showering and saving energy.


Less than 5 minutes of showering wasn’t a problem for me, I was ready within a few minutes while I shower at least for 10 minutes normally.  The energy saving was a little bit more difficult for me..

– Put lights are off, when you leave.
– Put your laptop off instead of put him to standbye.
– Don’t leave charging cords into outlets unnecessarily.
– Don’t use an hairdryer, let it dry by air.
– Just walk up to someone instead of use SMS / email.
– Whip (organic) cream with your hand

I paid many attention to the lights and the charging cords. This went really well and I will maintain this habits. I think i’d better shut up about the rest of the goals, because it went really worse. I’m sms and whatsapp addicted and I can’t live without my laptop and smartphone. Haven’t eat any cream, but when I am going to do that, I’ll think about this challenge and whip it up by hand.


I think I’m going to introduce the NO IMPACT MONDAY at home, going to ask my mother to cook (or I’ll do it myself) organic  and without meat, and I’m going to pay extra attention to save energy and water.

I have to learn a lot, but I think this week was a good start.
I think I want to eat organic, but I have some doubts about my discipline..
Will keep you updated:)


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