Fridge Unnecessary

It’s all about durability. We have to save the planet before it’s too late!
We started the block living 2 weeks ago, and we are very busy with it now.
We have to create a concept to keep the school clean and pleasant, in a environment friendly way. So I was looking for some products in the durability branche, when I found this amazing concept!

What is it?
The project is named ‘Save food from the Refrigerater’ and found by the designer Jihyun Ryou.

He has created a system to store food outside the fridge. It saves energy, and at the same time it looks nice. The idea is to preserve food wrapped in a design item, which is also environment friendly. This is also the best way to store  the food, food isn’t made to put in the fridge and it can increase the quality dramatically.

For example: There is a shelf for the preservation of vegetables, which you have to put in a little layer of sand. You can add some water trough a funnel. There is also a shelf for eggs. You can fill this one up with water, and if the egg sinks it’s fresh, when it keep floating it isn’t.

Ryou thinks that people have to consider more about the escesive use of energy and wasting food. He wants to use his project to make people care about food and energy wastage. His goal is to create new traditions and rituals in this subjects, so we can change our food and energy habits.

Why is it cool?
I like the combination of design and durability. This projects shows that durability isn’t a dull subject. It brings awareness about food en energy wasting in the society. It is the best option to keep your food fresh so you don’t have to waste it. And above all, it looks very nice!


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