Edible packaging

We started with a new sector at school, we are busy with ‘Food‘ now.
When I was doing the necessary research work, I came across a great development: the edible packaging.


What is it?
This invention ensures you don’t have to throw your drink packaging away.
The professor who is working hard on this Wiki Cells project is Dr. David Edwards.  He is examining how far it is possible to create edible packaging.

The Wiki Cells will form the basis of the package.They are able to work as solid glass, but they are also suitable to consume. Different flavors can be added to the membranes, like the taste of chocolate or candy. If you don’t like the taste, you can always throw away the packaging because it is biodegradable.
Currently you can only try this at the Lab Store in Paris. This is a concept design store. The only challenge now is to make the product widely to offer.


Why is it cool?
I think this invention is a wonderful combination of food and sustainability. This is an experiment but if this can be used on a large scale, it will ensure that less waste in the world. I also think it’s cool that it has two functions, keeping the liquid inside, and that edible part. Little bit experience economy. 


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