High cuisine

Meals which you get on plane aren’t the best. That’s just subtle.
It’s tough, dry, tasteless, overcooked and often floating in fat. For people who travel often, for example to work, this is really annoying.

It’s not only about the food it self, but also because the air is very dry in aircrafts. This dries out your nasal mucus. Research has shown us that you can only smell and taste 80% of what you normally do in a pressure cabin.

The quality of the food goes down because it is already cooked on the ground, and they have to regenerate it in the air. Airlines could use steam ovens, which keep the food more moisturized.

What is it?
We can do this better, must be the thoughts of British Airways. Chef Simon Tone developed a special haute cuisine menu that will be served during the olympic games in London next autumn. His menus feature organic and fresh food.  Dishes you will see on the menu are: riclette of mackerel, hake fish pie, golden beet root and a chocolate fondant with a liquid salted caramel center.

Why is it cool?
People take care about their food nowadays. Especially for people who travel a lot it’s really annoying when the food is not tasty and healthy.  Ofcourse it don’t have to be haute cuisine, but this proofs it can be better. They will be using natural ingredients which fits the sustainability trend well. I think it’s cool that airlines think about this stuff, and that they want to improve themselves. I think more airlines will follow soon.

pictures: http://www.justluxe.com/


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