Back to basics! The speakers of iBamboo strengthens the sound of your iphone very clear, and this all without plugs and electricity. The first speaker produced by iBamboo is made of, as you already red the name, bamboo. The sound is beautiful, and of course it is very helpful that it is wireless so you can take it everywhere you want. A disadvantage was that bamboo is very vulnerable, so iBamboo is going to introduce something new : The iBamboo Urban. This is a model of recycled plastic. So it doens’t damage the environment. This way you can throw it in your bag, and you can use it wherever you want.



Why is this cool?
I think this is cool because of the link with the Urban Nomads. They want to travel and explore the world on an environment friendly way, but they like music so this is an perfect way for them to listen music everywhere they are. They don’t even need a plug connection.


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