Yes! This is gonna be another post with an gadget for your iPhone.
Every smartphone can take pictures nowadays, not from the best quality, to be honest. The quality of iPhone pictures is not that bad, but ofcourse the options are limited. So! Now there are several lenses available for the iPhone. For instance a macro lens for better close-up photographs. I think this is the coolest one: the Telephoto lens.

It looks super funny, but it works really as well.
It is very convenient. You can just click the lens to your iPhone and your iPhone skills are immediately improved 8 times. You can make superwide and sharp pictures with this little thing.

Why is it cool?
You don’t have to carry much with you, but you can still take pictures of very good quality. When you are travelling, at a sportsgame, at a concert or if you just have a great experience. Because the Urban Nomad travels a lot, this would be very useful to them. It is light and you can take it easy with you. It makes nice pictures for only $35! (besides the cost of your iphone of course…)



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